Narrative Designer

This role is no longer open. Thanks for your interest!

Design new storytelling systems with AI.

Part-time/Contract, Remote.


Storycraft is hiring a part-time/contract Narrative Designer to help us create a narrative system based on generative AI.

Who we are

Storycraft is at the early stages of product design and development and we are looking for a narrative designer who is interested in exploring the role generative AI could play in story-driven games. If your brain starts crackling at the thought of new and disruptive ways of telling stories in partnership with technology then let’s talk!

At Storycraft our role is to make it easy for anyone to act out personalized stories with their friends. We want players to feel creative and talented, while also being recognized for their uniqueness within the communities and stories they belong to. We believe that promoting collaboration and bonding through storytelling can be far more meaningful than today’s reward and conflict fuelled online spaces.

What you’ll be doing

  • Write characters, dialog, settings, and quests, similar to what you’ve done on prior games
  • Work with the product team to design a new narrative system that uses generative AI
  • Become masterful at writing ChatGPT and other LLM prompts to generate narrative content
  • Create textual training data for the AI based on your writing
  • Playtest the early systems and game, and deliver well written feedback to the product team about what is not working well narratively and why

Who you are

  • A narrative designer or writer in the games industry. We are open to any experience level - this is more about the right fit than the right experience. If you’re not sure, try anyway!
  • You enjoy wading into the technology with the devs to figure out how to build narrative systems. You don’t need to be a programmer, but you need to love systems design!
  • You’re energized by change. New AI tools are not a threat to you but an opportunity. You’re probably already playing around with them!
  • You love games, stories, and technology.

How to apply

Send your resume and a note about why you want to work with us to

Be sure to include a with a brief write-up about your vision for how AI could be used to let players create their own characters, settings, and personalized stories. There are no wrong answers, we only want to see that you are dreaming big!